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What to expect

Classes are designed for all levels of yoga and climbing experience. Keeping with CGA's philosophy of "Challenge by Choice," participants are encouraged to go beyond their comfort zones but always are in control of when they have reached their personal goals and limits.


9-10am:     Morning meditation and yoga class to warm us up for our climbing

10-12pm:  Tree climbing yoga with ropes and harnesses

12-1pm:    Lunch (provided)

1-2:30pm: High ropes element (varies)

2:30-4pm: Leap of Faith

4-5pm:      Closing yoga class and guided relaxation


Where & When?

Our primary location is DaySpring Conference Center in Parrish, Florida.

Currently Yoga Adventure Camps are only being scheduled for private groups - call to plan one for your yoga studio, office, birthday party or friends day.


Call: 941-388-8840

For reservations or information.


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